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Our Programs

We provide a thoughtfully prepared environment designed to promote physical, academic, and psychological development. The Preschool classrooms are multi-age, each containing 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds. This ensures that each child is able to progress at his or her own pace in both social/emotional and academic arenas, and that each child can act as both a teacher and a learner in the classroom. In these classrooms, children are free to work at their own pace, collaborating in small groups guided by a Montessori-accredited teacher. 

We know that children learn best by using all their senses, not just by listening, so the carefully designed Montessori materials support children's need to feel, smell, manipulate, and hear. Traditional education divides learning into arbitrary categories, but the Montessori curriculum is a deeply interconnected one, with children never learning unconnected facts, but always focusing on integrated patterns of knowledge. At every level, our program is rich with multi-sensory, self-directed learning; conflict resolution skill-building; and an emphasis on both collaboration and independent thinking. Our students learn not a laundry list of quickly outdated facts, but the skills necessary to learn whatever they need to know.