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The main playground is often referred to as "The Park", because it is just like a big beautiful park. The park playground has a large shiny red play structure, swings, two play houses, a long bike path for our 6 bikes, a sandbox and an enormous field for running and playing. The playground looks down on a running stream and is home to ducks, frogs and lizards in the spring. 
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Our second playground at Marbella is referred to as "The Boat". The boat is complete with a bow, sandbox, galley and stern.
The Bow, also known as the front of the boat, has five steering wheels. Behind the bow is a huge sandbox filled with sand toys and blocks. After the sandbox comes the sunken navigation station equipped with two more wooden steering wheels, a telescope and kaleidoscope. Last but not least comes the stern also known as the back of the boat. The stern hosts the "galley"; the kitchen of the boat. The galley has a long kitchen counter with sinks, and a stove. Across from the counter area is a long table and bench for dining at sea. 
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The toddler playground is especially designed for our two and three year old students. It is complete with a play structure, a small bike path, trikes, two wooden play houses, sensory tables, and plenty of toys. This playground is strictly designed for our toddlers. (view gallery)