Our Kindergarten program is for children four, five, and six years of age.  Similar to our primary program, children can spend multiple years in this classroom and learn in the same manner as our primary rooms but tailored to more advanced concepts.  This room features all areas of the Montessori classroom including practical life, sensorial, math, language, geography, and cultural studies.


Our Kindergarten program offers:

  • A California state and Montessori credentialed teacher.

  • Individualized curriculum

  • Instruction that goes beyond the state standards

    • Math concepts include addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication, division, word problems.

    • Language concepts include composing journals with accurate punctuation and spelling, identifying various parts of speech, and reading above grade level materials with fluency.

Many students complete a 2 year rotation in this program, treating the first year as a pre-kindergarten year and the second year as kindergarten.  For this program to count as kindergarten for your child, he or she must be five by September 1st.