Our primary program is for children two, three, and four years of age. In this environment, children can spend multiple years in the same classroom beginning as a learner and leaving as a leader. Children learn how to properly implement all of Maria Montessori’s ideals for building a solid foundation for knowledge that prepares them for a lifetime of educational success.

Areas of a Montessori classroom include:

  • Practical Life: the development of fine motor skills, independence and concentration through exercises found in everyday life such as pouring water from a jug to a glass.

  • Sensorial: the development of the senses through activities that involve smelling, touching, seeing, hearing, and feeling manipulatives.

  • Math: the development of mathematical concepts including counting, identifying numbers, addition, and subtraction through the use of hands on materials which turns these abstract concepts into concrete ideas.

  • Language Arts: the development of reading, writing and oral language skills.

  • Cultural Studies: The study of science, geography, zoology, history, and botany.

Children must be potty trained to join our primary program.